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Our Construction Specializations

At M.A.C. Construction, Inc., our portfolio reflects our diverse expertise in crafting exceptional spaces across various sectors. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction shines through each specialized category we undertake. Whether it's creating iconic Class A buildings, transforming educational facilities, or shaping dynamic retail and healthcare spaces, our passion for construction excellence is unwavering. Explore our diverse specializations below to discover how we bring visions to life and set new standards in construction.

General Construction 4.jpg

Class A Buildings

At M.A.C. Construction, Inc., we are at the forefront of crafting Class A buildings that redefine excellence in architecture and functionality. These buildings are more than just structures; they are the embodiment of sophistication and timeless design. 



Our team collaborates closely with educational institutions, understanding their specific needs, and translating them into innovative designs. We prioritize safety, accessibility, and sustainability, ensuring that each facility is not only a hub for learning but also a sustainable, eco-friendly space for future generations.

Educational - Carol City Middle School - 3.jpg

Retail Spaces

From flagship stores that make a bold statement to cozy boutiques with unique character, our portfolio showcases our ability to tailor retail spaces to the specific needs and aspirations of each client.

Retail - Shops at Aliana - 3.JPG


At M.A.C. Construction, Inc., we have the privilege of contributing to the infrastructure that supports our communities. Our expertise in constructing government facilities reflects our commitment to public service, efficiency, and lasting quality.

Government - Panama City Beach Public Services Department - 2.jpg


We understand the critical importance of healthcare facilities in promoting well-being and healing. Our team is dedicated to creating spaces that prioritize patient comfort, staff efficiency, and cutting-edge medical technology, ensuring that every healthcare facility we build contributes to the delivery of exceptional patient care.

Healthcare - Tallahasee Orthopedic Clinic - 1.jpg


Our expertise in crafting multifamily developments goes beyond constructing residential spaces; it's about creating communities that foster a sense of belonging and comfort. From luxurious apartment complexes to contemporary condominiums, we strive to build living spaces that elevate the residential experience and cater to the diverse needs of modern lifestyles.

Multifamily - 2201 Pershing - 1.jpg


With an acute understanding of the hospitality industry, we specialize in constructing spaces that offer unforgettable guest experiences. From luxurious hotels to inviting resorts, our portfolio reflects our dedication to creating environments that prioritize comfort, aesthetics, and seamless functionality, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and pampered.

Hospitality - Hilton Holiday Inn Express Panama City Beach - 4.jpg


M.A.C. Construction, Inc. is equipped with the expertise and resources to build industrial facilities that drive productivity and efficiency. Our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art industrial spaces underscores our understanding of the unique requirements of various industries, enabling us to construct facilities that optimize operations, promote safety, and facilitate growth.

Industrial - North Regional Water Treatment Plant Improvements - 1.jpg
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