Building for Generations to Come

License #: CGC 1504793

Institutional Projects

Broward County Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant District #4

This project consisted of repairs to the existing wastewater treatment structures at the District #4 facility. Methods including crack repairs, epoxy injections, repair of delaminated structures and stucco repairs were included. Entire facility structures received specialty coatings of all structures and related components of structures including aeration basins, clarifiers, piping, submersible structures, holding tanks and administration buildings. All work performed while facility was in full operation.

Broward County Detention Main Jail- Exterior Hardening & Waterproofing

This project consisted of Waterproofing repairs and maintenance to a 10-story, 850,000sq ft multi-dimensional detention center. Required to affect Waterproofing repairs and maintenance including but not limited to: recreation areas, termination bar sealant, cell window frames and perimeter sealant, and exterior walls. Consisting of pressure washing all surfaces (exterior surface was EIFS system), repair all fractured areas in concrete floors, reseal all vertical and overhead expansion joints, seal all concrete floor control joints, repair all vertical wall cracks and spalls, paint and/or waterproof all vertical surfaces, and apply and tool sealant to required configurations. 

Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach Lakeshore Gym- Roof Replacement

Following a busy Hurricane season that hit Palm Beach County with numerous disastrous storms, M.A.C. Construction, Inc. participate in hurricane restoration projects for Palm Beach County. One of the projects was the restoration of the Lakeshore Gymnasium for The Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County consisting of restoration to the exterior envelope & replacement of the entire roofing system.